GREENTECH HEATSHIELD PPS Transit Sleeves are designed to restrict the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another where network / data cables and electrical cables penetrate through fire rated separating walls and floors, and allow for the removal and re-fitting of cables while maintaining the integrity of the seal.

GREENTECH HEATSHIELD PPS Transit Sleeves are 30cm long plastic cylinders which contain a heat reactive intumescent liner and have 2 flame retardant cellular foam end plugs which are removable to allow easy retrofitting of new cables. PPS Transit Sleeves are a versatile and cost effective solution where cable changes or regular modifications occur.

  • Comprehensively tested and assessed by independent authorities in accordance with BS EN 1366-3, BS476 pt 20, AS1530-3 for up to 4 Hours fire resistance.
  • Suitable for pre-installing before cables (fire tested from 0% to 90% filled).
  • Can be used together with other GREENTECH HEATSHIELD Products as part of a flexible system for complex fire stop needs.
  • Labour saving / easy installation and maintenance.
  • Suitable for use in Concrete walls and floors and in Gypsum drywall constructions.

GREENTECH HEATSHIELD PPS Transit Sleeves are suitable for use in any building which have network / data services and electrical cables which penetrate through fire rated compartment walls and floors.

These include:

Data Centres, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Buildings, Mass Transit Rail, Airport Terminals, Shopping Malls, etc

GREENTECH HEATSHIELD PPS Transit Sleeves can be used in walls or floors, (for Installation details please refer to relevant technical data sheets). 

How do HEATSHIELD PPS Transit Sleeves work?

When exposed to elevated temperatures of a fire situation, the intumescent material contained in the PPS Transit Sleeve activates and expands, to fill and seal the sleeve and gaps and voids around degrading cables. Once fully activated the intumescent material forms a plug which prevents the spread of fire and hot gases from one compartment to another. The foam end plugs can help to reduce cold smoke transmission.

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